Monday, June 25, 2007

I have tried to get back here

but blogger wasn't quite in the mood to co-operate and let me in to post. Seems it's changed its mind now, thankfully.

Boy do I have some good news for you if you are into digi scrapping!

My boss lady, the truly amazing Lisa Whitney is having a sale, so how does half off sound to you? Pretty good? Yeah I think so too! And the sale goes through till Tuesday 26th June, midnight EST (US) so hop on over and check out her amazing designs. And she has some fantastic new designs in store too!

I'm gonna share some pages using some of her new stuff too so stay tuned for a bit longer. But in the mean time here is a link through to Lisa's store at ScrapArtist

Okay so after trying several times to upload some photos and blogger only getting so far before failing m*i*s*e*r*a*b*l*y!
I will have to leave you instead with a link to my gallery over at ScrapArtist and come back later to try again!!!! Hopefully with more luck than I had this time!

Cheryl's Gallery at ScrapArtist can be found right here!


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