Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

Well first up I hope everyone had a great new years. Ours was very quiet, didn't even make it to midnight!

Must be seriously getting old! Either that or I was coming down with the dreaded bug that caught up with me last night! Chris was so concerned he wanted to find a Dr for me, take me to the hospital whatever it took!

Instead what he got to his smart comment was, I need more Ajax Spray and Wipe go and see if the shop is open (small village on New Years day, what was I thinking?) or go and ask your Mum if she has any. Okay what are you still doing here very shortly after followed by a go on hurry up please.

In case you haven't guessed it was a cleaning bug that bit me! And those of you who know me know that I have cleaning issues! Okay so I don't have a filthy dirty house, I do have a clean house its just well lived in okay!

Anyway in order of doing the dang things.

Bathroom cleaned, that means walls, bath, handbasin, toilet, cupboards, mirrors, even hands and knees for the ruddy lino! including behind the bog!

End of bathroom nightmare!

Kitchen cleaned, walls, surfaces decluttered, table returned from the pile of crud tht had been thrown on it and polished! Chairs polished! rubbish bin cleaned.

End of kitchen nightmare!

Laundry cleaned, freezer and washing machine wiped down, floor found under a huge pile of washing! all washing shoved through machine ready to be hung out tommorrow. Watch out world if its raining tomorrow.

End of Laundry nightmare!

Sit down at computer and clean out files no longer needed! Yay that wasn't quite so terrible!

Anyway I think there must be a layout in there somewhere. Chris very sensibly declined from dragging the camera out in my fit of cleaning. Heaven only knows what would have happened if he had!

Today we are going to take the girls to see "Happy Feet" Anya is obsessed with Emperor penguins at the moment (they were studying Antarctica the last term at school!) so we thought she might enjoy it and have a bit of a giggle too. She loved the March of the Penguins movie and can tell you heaps about it if you ask her. And hopefully Dannielle will like it too.
Sounds like fun, probably not what Chris had in mind to go watch with the movie vouchers we were given by a friend, but will be fun none the less.

Got to sort out some paint colours for the kitchen as well. At the moment Mitre 10 (huge hardware chain here in NZ) and Dulux paints are taking $30 off each 10 litre bucket of paint you buy. Can you colour me happy? Yep you sure can cause we want to use a water based enamel put out by Dulux! The deal is only good for a short time though so we have to get our act together and choose a colour.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon, had to delay the pre christmas one due to absolutely foul weather, so crossing fingers that the weather starts to co-operate some for us. And have been booked for a huge family group end of Jan/early Feb still working on the dates at the moment. When I say huge family group think two sisters and their broods (one has two and the other four) their parents and their grandmother! Should be interesting to say the least.


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If you still feel like cleaning - feel free to make a trip up here :)

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