Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chris is in Bremen

so that means he's only a couple of sleeps away from being home! He and we are all looking forward to him being home.

Though as I said at the moment he is in Bremen, where by all accounts its cold, dark and wet! But on the ride to the hotel last night he happened to mention to the guy who picked them up that he is a fan of Goliath's and Bremen is where they were made. The chap did say that even there they are rare to see, but he would see what he could do. What that means is anyones guess, but if it means Chris will see a Goliath while he is there I no doubt will hear the whoop of pure joy from here!

Anya's back at school and loving it, she was so excited about going to school today cause they were going to be doing maths today. She must take after her father there, since her Mama is not mathematically inclined, and I really can't see any reason to get all excited about it!

Dannielle had kindy today and Sue one of the teachers there asked her how many more sleeps till Daddy got home, well she hopped up and down wildly while yelling at the top of her voice two, two more sleeps Zoo! Poor Sue, both my kids have called her Zoo, and her ear drums may never be the same again after Dannielles squeal! I think mine have mostly gotten used to the excited, high pitched, I can hold it till I go blue in the face squeals but they still come as rather an unpleasant surprise to most!

Counting down now till we take a family weekend up to Glenrock Station. Ohh I just can't wait to get back there, to the peace and tranquility. There is one bonus this time too! I won' t have to drive the metal road, cause Chris will be here to do it! Its kinda stressful when you see lots of rocks that have obviously come hurtling down the cliff face to the road and think okay don't need to stop, don't need to stop I don't want rocks to hit us! And some of them well quite simply put are not small by any stretch of the imagination! But the peace and quiet you are treated to when you get there is just so very much worth it. You can put up with a little stress to get there!

I had it confirmed the other day, I have at least one class to teach next month and after talking to a few more possible students lately, it looks highly possible that I will be teaching a second also.

But for now I am going to have to leave this here, another tiredness headache is looming so off to bed I go, hopefully to avoid it!


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