Friday, November 03, 2006

Dannielle turns 4!

Miss 4 on her birthday, yep still in her jammies so that tells you how early the photo was taken. Couldn't wait to get dressed before getting her pressies! Totally and thoroughly spoilt! Thank you very much to everyone who sent her pressies and cards. She loved everything.

Four is such a frustrating age for a mama! The girl is just so photogenic but more often than not is looking away from the camera! But when she does look at the camera for me what do I get?
The cheesey grin!

The last two photos above there were taken at her playcenter birthday party. Duh on Mama she forgot a cake! BAD Mama, BAD Mama! how could I forget to get a cake for her? So quickly whipped up a playdough cake, decorated it up a bit, shoved some candles in, and there you have it a cake!


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