Sunday, September 24, 2006

Photos as promised

Well I did promise you photos and here are some, taken yesterday by Chris obviously since I was wandering round with the girls and their ponies.

We went to the Leeston Home and School Family Farm Fun Day. The girls had a ball! We got there early enough that there weren't huge queues for things, ie the Pony rides in particular. When the girls found out that there were going to be pony rides at the fun day thats all they could think of, well that and milking a cow though we seriously doubted that was going to happen.

Anyway pony rides first up equals two very happy little girls!

Anya had decided she wanted to ride "Tiny" but when she stood next to him and she looked up at him she decided nope, no thank you, I don't want to do it! I want that horse please, pointing to Magic. Lets just put it this way "Tiny" is not! and could never be considered tiny and when you are a five year old girl looking up at this huge mountain of a horse I think I would have changed my mind too!

And Dannielle well she decided straight up up that she wanted the cutest little pony there! Wee Mouse was just the right size for a wee girl.

I got a chance a wee while back to take some photos using my friend Chris' flash camera equipment, and oops forgot to share didn't I? So here we go, here is one I took of the girls and then one that Anya took of me, okay so Chris was helping her hold up the camera (think super heavy, very expensive! I can only just manage to hold it but have to let my arms rest every now and then so Anya didn't stand a chance by herself!) but she pushed the button and told me what she wanted me to do! Which happened to be to blow her a kiss.

Okay so I have loaded those last photos twice now but blogger is not being nice! Will post this and try again on a seperate post.


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