Friday, August 11, 2006

August 11, 2006 and day three

Day three and Anya was super excited to get to school again, though she did grab a good sleep in this morning and didn't get out of bed till 8. And she was just a tad disappointed that she couldn't wear her Leeston sweatshirt (it was drying on the rack) today. It will be good to have a couple of days break though, she is getting quite tired.

She was super excited yesterday afternoon to come home to packages (in the mail) for her to open. A beautiful cardigan from Nana Robbie, the cutest little outfit from Dan and Bron and a fantastic book from Aunty Sue and Uncle Clarrie. Thank you all so much for sending her such wonderful surprises.

She even got a surprise phone call. After 4 yesterday the phone goes and its Jules on the line, asking how her first day went. Lucy and Grace had wanted to talk to her and see how everything was going and whether she liked school or not. You don't know how much that meant to her, thank you so much.


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