Saturday, August 19, 2006

Busy beavers live here

Well it seems that way anyway! School for Anya, Kindy and Playcentre for Dannielle, Work for Chris and just general catching up with stuff for me with a bit of teaching thrown in for good measure! Have also been helping out at school and playcentre as well. And doesn't time just seem to fly right on by.

We have been having some amazing weather here, still frosty and chilly in the morning mostly but turning into the most beautiful warm and sunny days, enough to make you think that spring was almost here. Or is that because of all the lambs frolicking in the paddocks? And drive past a dairy farm now and you see calves by the dozens.

Happy to say I ran a well received beginners scrapbooking class Thursday night and even have some of the participants signing up for my next class on the 31st. "Off the page, think art" basically creating a piece of scrap art on a canvas to be hung on your walls. Its also a really fun way to learn new techniques and have your own piece of art work at the end of the session.

We are off to visit Jules and Ces this afternoon, we haven't had a chance to catch up with them in ages. Jules bought the girls in to Anya's birthday but since Ces had been working night shift the night before she stayed home to catch some uninterrupted sleep. So we are going over to visit with them this afternoon and have some dinner with them. I think I can whip up some cream puffs for dessert. And if you have ever had my cream puffs you will know I slave over them all day! yeah okay believe that and I have some land I can sell you right cheap!

We are going to have to go via town this time, we desperately need to get Anya some short sleeve shirts for school, when I went and got her uniform it was cold and chilly and in truth August is normally a bit cooler than it has been, but this year has been so much warmer that the poor wee girl has been roasting in her long sleeve skivvies. Sure she can take her sweatshirt off but she is still getting quite hot in her long sleeves. But she still needs her sweatshirt in the mornings when its chilly.


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