Thursday, September 14, 2006

What its the middle of Sept already?

Okay who turned time onto fast forward???? Come on own up! Well thats the only reason I can think of yesterday it being August 30 and now here we are halfway through September!

Well spring has sprung, the grass is definitely on the rise! and there are more lambs popping up everywhere than you can shake the proverbial stick at!
I know the grass is growing like mad cause I have mown the lawns twice since the 30th! and as you know we have heaps of grass to cut! If only the council would get their act together and mow the verge that would cut out mowing time in half!
There is as much grass outside our fence as there is inside it! The council say they own it but do we see them come and mow the sucker? NOT likely! Do I feel at all bad about not watering it over summer and watching it die? NOPE, not one jittery jot! Anyway the dang thing always seems to grow back!
I am sure that our not watering it is the bane of our across the road neighbours life! His lawn is bowling green perfect all year round and then what do you see, a dried up patch of something that is meant to resemble grass right across the road!

Anyway enough of that blathering!

School and Anya seem to be made for each other, she loves it! Her teacher is fantastic and Anya simply adores her. Follows every word intently and then more often than not repeats it back to me when Mama is having a brain fade moment! I mean how is a Mama meant to know that u makes the sound of the u in umbrella?!?!?! Specially at 6.45 in the morning! Uhhhh what is Mama doing with her eyes open at such a hideous time of the morning is more to the point!

They have been doing studies on time and fitting it into near on everything in the curriculum! You know what was it like in Nana's day, you know Nana when you were a little girl! I guess it does get you thinking though on just how much we have seen change in the last hundred years! I mean even for me there have been a lot of changes, things that we now take for granted probably weren't even around when we were children! Or at least not available to the masses so to speak.

As part of this the kids designed and made themselves a little bag each, very inspiring to watch 5 years old weilding a needle trailing wool from behind it! Some took to it like ducks to water! Others were coming awfully close to poking eyes out! And not necessarily their own either! Miss Tucker (Hayley) asked for helpers, okay I say, I can do this!
Helped out in the classroom as well as overlocking round the edges so the various shaped (sometimes wildly shaped too mind!) hessian bags did not fray themselves stupid while the poor kids were trying to sew their designs on them! Then of course they had to be sewn together! That wasn't as bad as trying to get the overlocker round the tentacles of an octopus! Or the tight-ish curves of some of the flower bags some of the girls designed.

We have been to birthday parties! It seems like its birthday season here! Well I think probably its due to the fact that our girls are the same or similar age to all the friends parties they are being invited to!

Getting ready for the show, I have to take the photographs I am entering up tommorrow and pay over some $ and then wait for another month to find out how I did! Going to enter some scrapbook pages as well since there is a new section at the show. I entered last year, the first year of competition for scrapping and did rather well. Lets see how I do this year!

Well I am gonna have to leave this here and get back with the photos that I want to add later since Anya is up now, not that she will be going to school today, the poor wee thing spent most of the night cough cough coughing so is buggered this morning! Finally got some cough syrup into her about midnight and she kinda slept from there but we are talking about a girl who needs a good 12 hours! And no way did she get anywhere near that kinda hours last night!

Back later with photos for ya.


Blogger Jenny said...

And it's something like less than 100 days until Christmas! If it's any consolation, I now have a 12 yo! Where did my baby go?

10:46 AM  

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