Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quote – Angie Briggs for Scrap Artist (Chocolate Covered Elements)
Pattern Papers & Flowers – Michelle Coleman for Scrap Artist (Chelseys Dream kit)

At last I am getting a chance to scrap some of the photos from our Christmas photo shoot! Finally a chance to scrap and the inspiration to match!

Ahhh I have done it again, white backgrounded layout! Result? Doesn't show up well on blogger, drat!

Pattern Papers and Staples – kSharonk (blog freebie) (Pink Kisses Kit)
Circle Stitches – Karen Hunt (blog freebie) Sewing Box Circle stitches (baby girl pink and white)Font – Susie’s Hand
Sketch – Rachael Giallongo


Blogger Jenny said...

You're really into the digi scrapping and it looks great. Well done!

3:45 PM  

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