Monday, August 14, 2006

So here is the proud new little pony owner. A sight to behold, all of us sprawled out on our tummies on the back lawn!

Anya asked if she could take our photo, yeah okay says Mama just a little hesitantly since we are taking photos with Mama's new (expensive) camera. But I showed her how to have the neck strap over her just in case she dropped it. Gave her a few instructions about looking through the view finder then she took over! It was so funny to be on the otherside for a change! Here she is saying no move up closer and pretty smiles please. Too cute for words!

And here is Dannielle's photo, I kept her just a little closer since the camera is heavy and her little hands were struggling just a bit to hold it! Pretty good photo though!

The Ellesmere A & P show is coming up on the 14th of October and once again I am entering the photography and scrapbooking sections. Gonna get the girls to enter some photos as well, in the under 18 photography section.


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