Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006 - Day two

Well Anya's enthusiasm for school is growing in leaps and bounds. She was up at 7 this morning, dressed in her uniform, had breakfast, brushed teeth and hair, shoes on, and lunch in her schoolbag by 8!

Who is this child? She looks like Anya, but boy is she showing her Mama up in the morning. Okay so the fact that her Mama doesn't do mornings well is a whole nother story!
Mind I have been very organised and had clothes ready and waiting for her, lunches made, drink bottle filled etc and all the night before!
Okay so you all know I don't do mornings! Let alone well enough to organise all that and still eat breakfast myself (yes I am finally eating something in the morning!) and have a shower and get out the door in time to get the very excited girl to school on time.

I helped out for the first time at school today, yep only day two and helping out already. One of the teachers I know commented about how good I was since its only day two for daughter and here is Mama helping out already! Okay so I must have volunteer (or idiot?!?!) tattooed on my forehead. Must be in neon too cause fringe or not it must be shining brightly through!

The photos above were taken yesterday its just that blogger didn't want to play ball and let me load all the photos I wanted to yesterday. Oh well never mind, its done now! The first one is Anya and her backpack walking down our path that runs alongside the house, and the second is her at the school gate. Have I told you how proud I am of my big school girl yet?


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