Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big school girl

August 9, 2006 Anya's very first day of school.

She would have had us out and at school at 8.20 if she had her way! It was soooo cute, she came up to me at 20 past 8 and said Mum is it time for school yet? Can we go now?

Went and got some photos of her instead. She was so excited and happy to show off her new school uniform! Wooohooo, that sure made it much easier on me!

How old are you now Anya? FIVE!

And at the back door in her new uniform, blue pants, red skivvie and red sweatshirt and or polar fleece. The sleeves on her sweatshirt are just a bit long! but the size down they were too short! so long has got to be better than too short don't you agree?


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