Thursday, August 03, 2006

Okay so call me a very proud Mama!!!

Okay so I simply have to show you what my clever big girl did yesterday morning during her school visit!!! Colour me a very proud Mama!!! click on the picture and you can see it in all its glory!

The kids were given two photocopied sheets one with birds, a nest and some eggs on and the other with trees and a pond to colour in and cut out and stick together. Miss Tucker (Anya's teacher) also said that since the birds were really little that the kids could just cut a circle shape out around the birds etc! Notice Anya and her close to the line cuts, like just cutting them out roughly was gonna do for her? Nah not likely. Too much of a perfectionist! Either that or an engineer in the making!

Then the teacher would come round and ask them what they wanted to say about their pictures then would write a sentence for them. And then they would copy it off! The top line is the teachers writing and there underneath is my big girls writing. She copied it off so neatly and quickly the teacher was so impressed.


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