Wednesday, August 02, 2006

$200 and parcels

Okay so if you got past the slightly unusual title you can find out where my head was at!

$200 later I am feeling much better, got a chest infection early in July and have only just managed to struggle my way out of it! Add to it the girls with vomiting bugs and colds/coughs themselves and we have had a tough July! Definitely glad to see the back of July.

Though of course with July's demise it means August has arrived and with it the iminent departure of Anya to school. Had another school visit today, Anya loved it! Didn't want to come home to tell truth! Mama well she had a bit of a weepie moment! I guess you get that when all of a sudden you realise that your baby is about to start school!

And to quickly finish this off parcels have arrived from Nana Pea and Aunty Sonia, Mama intercepted them and they will be given to Anya on Tuesday.

But for now I am off on a rescue mission, to get Sister Dolly and Sarah Cat from school, Anya took them for "news" this morning and sadly we forgot them when we left.


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