Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Snowing!!!!!!

That's righty you read that right it is SNOWING here and still falling!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoooo, Yipppeee and all that jazz.

Anya is desperate to be outside making snow men/girls whatever but its still dark here and she has the meanest mama in the whole wide world cause I won't let her outside just yet! And there is no kindy for them this morning, the centre has been closed for the day. Some of the teachers may not be able to make it in so the closed kindy down really early this morning.

I must admit to being a little excited myself, remember I have a newish camera and I am just waiting for daylight myself so I can get some photos of it.

Dannielle is the only one who is going to be slightly put out at seeing NO (yes thats her little word for snow), you see she likes snow on mountains but she is not all that keen on snow on her back lawn. Too cold and not all that much fun, hopefully today will change that somewhat.
Its gonna be a while before she finds out cause miss sleepy head is still tucked up in bed sound asleep.

Chris took Victoria to work today rather than the Guzzi, I wondered what he was on when he asked if I minded if he took the car rather than the bike, yeah no worries I heard the heavy rain early this morning so was kinda pleased that he wouldn't be getting soaked to the skin huh thats when he said nah I am more worried about how the bike will handle in the snow! What?!?!?! That was me out of bed right quick to check it out!

Will get photos later and post them, oh and I haven't forgotten about the photos of our newly redecorated room either, just the ones I took yesterday are a little blurry!!! so will get some more today and post them all together later.


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