Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's done! Yehawwwwww

Okay before you think I have gone completely dolally, let me explain. We have been redecorating.

The most sucky part of redecorating an old house without a doubt has to be the sanding down! Uhhh it has to be done and yes you end up sucking huge lung fulls of dust down, the problem is how full on do you sand back, not enough you have to do it again! Another day of sanding dust everywhere! If you do it too much you end up having to plaster in the oopsies and thus another day of sanding dust being sucked back.

We have just finished off our second room! The spare/play/computer room this time and I must say it looks totally amazing!!!!!! Even if I do say so myself! The fact that we had two days of sucking back sanding dust in that room was the downer, but now its done it was sooo worth the effort put into it.

I have taken some photos but still have to download them will do that in two flicks then add them here.

The other news, we finally got Anya's enrollment filled out. Rather proud of ourselves to tell you the truth, though I do still have to get it back to the school before this coming week is out, otherwise it might just be happening the week before she starts school which would so way not be a good look! She even has some of her uniform, we went shopping on Friday, mmmm very interesting experience that was and still more to go but that just had to wait for another day we were all getting just a tad sick of shopping.

Anyway enough rambling I will go and get these photos downloaded and track down the ones of the Roman blind I made for the kitchen and promised to post (oops sorry bout forgetting that little bit) and the new roof on our house, duh I forgot about that one too!


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