Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday and I picked up Anya's enrollment pack today

yeah at last I am finally getting my butt into gear and have finally gone and picked up an enrollment pack.

Where for? SCHOOL thats where! Anya starts school in exactly two months and two days time. Okay now I know she is growing up but when was it that she turned one? I thought that was only a few months back! But nope instead she is nearly five and nearly off to school or at least she will be if I can ever get this enrollment filled in.

And since she is nearly off to school that also means we are gonna have to go get her a school uniform! And I am sure that is not going to be a cheap or easy task! At least they have a uniform here though, makes mama's life so much easier in the morning none of this what shall I wear today? Will it mean that we can actually make it out the door on time???? Mmmm that one is still to be discovered.

Busy day today but not one ounce of paint has made it onto the door or skirting boards, instead paint was splashed around, swings were pushed, kids were read too and general fun and games at playcentre. And this afternoon well since we were all tired and the sun was shining so nicely into our room we all blobbed out on our bed and watched a movie. Slack I know but sometimes you just gotta kick back.

Now off to track something down for dinner, hopefully I can get some scrapping in tonight, heres hoping anyway.


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