Monday, June 12, 2006

Snow fun

Okay so we managed to get out and have some fun in the snow! Anya was all over it, loved every single minute out in it and needed to be nearly dragged inside to get warm again. Well warm and dry to tell the truth, she made some snow angels and as a result got just a bit wet!

Dannielle however is soooo over the snow by now, definitely prefers her "no" on the mountains thank you very much! Poor little sausage was so bundled up she was having trouble moving! Though still had a pretty good aim in the snowball fight that ensued!

And yes of course I had my camera right there with me, all tucked up in a plastic bag to stop the water getting at it and under a towel when not in use. Okay so the fact that the towel was also over my head to keep some of the dang snow that was still falling off me since one of the girls had gone and got my hat then forgotten where they put it!

Anyways here are some of the photos I took.

Snow sisters

Just too stinkin cute

Snow taste test

Both girls have pretty good aims even when they have so many clothes on!


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