Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More redecoration

Yep its starting all over again, this time its the spare rooms turn, okay so its not just a spare room in fact it used to be Anya's room before we moved the girls into the same room.

We have the paper all ready to go and spent Sunday (the queens birthday long weekend) firstly clearing out the room, uhhh what a mammoth task that was! then yesterday sanding and getting the first coat of paint on the door and skirting boards. What a way to spend a surprisingly sunny Queens birthday Monday.

Got a second coat on today while the girls were at playcentre as well as what seemed like a hundred phone calls too just add interest to the mix. So hopefully with one more coat we will be done, then its into the wallpapering, well after we size the walls first that is.

Hey I just learnt something new here, now at least I can add photos where they should be not all shoved at the top of the thread, YIPPPPPEEEEEEE

Anyway that beautiful little girl up there is Dannielle, yeah cute ahe, okay so she was in the bath in the dregs of water, she didn't want out no way no how, she just looked too stinkin cute for her own good and what else is a mummy meant to do but get a photo of her little darling, the fact that this particular night she was being a right challenge well thats a whole nother story!

How bout we all cross fingers that the judge for camera club this month thinks so too. Its entered as a child study, has more photography don'ts than I care to think about but its cute! Looking down on a child being the biggest no no! And I have to hope that the digital lab I use did not throw a hideous blue cast over her, which seems to have been the biggest problems that the judges have been seeing lately! Remember both my girls have very English Rose skin that at times can look very translucent even casting a blue tinge to them making them look terribly horribly ill! But she does have beautiful catch lights in her eyes!

So what do you all think? A winner or not?


Blogger Tammy said...

Love your new blog! I also think the picture of you daughter is just adorable. It would defintely win on be the cutest. As far as photography goes? I haven't a clue although you taught me something - apparently you are never to take a picture of child when you are above them. Great tip Cheryl! I hope you win!

4:41 AM  

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