Saturday, April 19, 2008

So I have been kept just a bit on the ...

busy side. Life got just a little busy there for a wee bit again, heck whats surprising about that round here?

Two shoots, both completely different but both fun to do. Some scrapping fitted in there as well as creating some beaded works of art!
Which has reminded me I need to get some photos of some of the earrings etc I will be selling... Will post some photos here on the blog when I can and if you are interested in any of them just email me.

And for the last three mornings I have been helping out at the girls school, blasting softdrink bottle rockets skywards. The kids had a fantastic time, I ended up soaking wet from the knees down each time I went to help, but boy was it fun! Hearing the kids shouting with joy and the huge smiles on their faces! Even the little tough nuts were as excited as an excited thing!

Okay I was going to add some pages to the post but blogger is not playing nice at the moment. I will come back soon and try again.


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