Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oh what a night!

I had a hugely successful night last night and if you want to see the images you will have to follow this link right here (a wee note for family, follow the link it will be worth it!)

3 Acceptances (kinda like second place) and an Honours and Champion Image in its class which was moods! My honours image was entitled "In Reflection".

I love this shot of my MIL Sue, so natural, teee heee she didn't even know I took it until after I had already done it! And another surprise for her in the fact that she didn't know I entered it! See Mum told ya it was a good shot!

Will be back later hopefully with some more pages for your viewing pleasure... see ya round.


Blogger granny judy said...

Wow, Great snaps and Congrats!! Huggers and keep snapping. Judy

3:23 PM  

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