Sunday, August 06, 2006

Birthday party and a visit to the snow.

Anya and her cake, with Lucy watching on. A marble cake with pink icing and decorated by all of us! Those poor candles sure struggled to stay upright, but they lasted just long enough to get lit and blown out again!

And no Anya hasn't got some dreaded disease, the weird greenish cast is seen on all the photos sadly!

Sunday (6th) we decided to take Nana to find some snow! Hee heee we all had a blast, its amazing how much fun three adults and two kids can have with a few plastic rubbish bags and a tarpaulin! And no Nana did not have Anya end up on her lap! Though for a few seconds it looked a good possibility!

Anya and Nana pelting each other in a snowball fight.

Okay Blogger is struggling will post this and try and get some more photos up in the next thread.


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