Monday, June 05, 2006

No we haven't fallen off the planet!

At last I can prove I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, though I must admit that at times it has felt like it.

Life has sure been busy here! This year is just speeding right on by us, June already. We have been busy redecorating. Oh and what a job that is, the easy bit is finally agreeing on colours, the hard bit is what comes next. Of course when you have an old house you are bound to find some dodgy bits here and there. Nothing is straight! huh that would be asking way to much straight walls.

Anyway we have got our bathroom done! Yayyyyy for us. No major changes, just a freshen up, paint, new trim etc and finally got rid of the hideous burnt gold carpet in there. Who in their right mind puts carpet in a bathroom anyway? I must admit it was warmer on the tootsies for those midnight runs to the little room but you get over that not having to keep in dry and clean.

There's only a couple of months left before Anya heads off to school for the first time. She is more than ready but I am not at all sure I am ready! After all where did the last five years go? So the big five year old birthday party will be happening here the weekend before her birthday, and as an extra special treat we will have Nana Peacock here with us, she shares Anya's birthday so we will be having a right old time of it come August.

But before Nana Pea arrives to stay we want to finish off the play/spare/computer room cause thats where all our guests get to stay. And since we have the paint and paper for Anya and Dannielle's room we want to get that done too! Not asking much, well I hope anyway.
By the time we get that lot done we will definitely be needing a break so will be leaving the kitchen till next summer before attacking that mammoth task!


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