Sunday, March 04, 2007

My bad!

Oh brother I knew it had been a while since I blogged what with Chris getting home from Europe and all, but boy it really has been a while.

Why? Well, first up the weekend after Chris got home he was off again for the weekend to pick up a new motorbike from Napier!

And that weekend also happened to be a crop weekend at the world famous 123-Scrap. Like I live there, so how could I not join in the third birthday celebrations?!

Then as you know I had a problem with my tooth that split a while back, it decided to give me grief and you know me when it comes to dentists, I PROCRASTINATE!!!!!!! Well it got to the point that I could no longer procrastinate, and I really needed to get something done about it. NOT fun but a visit to the dentist was involved and I was brave if I do say so myself! And he came out with all fingers unbitten! Though typical of me, the root of my tooth was strangely shaped and it gave him and me more than a bit of strife! I am still taking some fairly heavy duty painkillers to dull the pain nearly a week later! Though ditched the super duper ones he gave me after they broke me out in hot and cold sweats and made the world spin! The nausea I could kinda cope with it was the room spinning that really pee'd me off!

The number two decided after an enjoyable day at kindy Thursday morning to come down with a tummy bug! She started LATE Thursday night dang it. I had just gotten home from the class I was teaching and up she gets, Mama I don't ... And you get the picture!

Pages? Well I got a few done last weekend. Paper mostly but I loved playing with the paper again, hadn't done it in a while! Well apart from class stuff that is!

There were two challenges I met with this page, one was to use 8 pieces of ribbon on a page and the other to use the poem in the journal box. This photo just kinda screamed out for it so used it was, and one more page for Anya's book! The photo was taken at Nana's house Christmas Day. And yes as you can plainly see if I like a photo I will rescrap it over and over and over!

See more photos you have seen! But I LOVE them! This page was done for the birthday bash layout contest (still in judging, thanks to the poor judges incompetent workmen who cut her internet cable! Boy would I be giving the workmen a piece of my mind! Can you imagine being stuck with no internet service?!?!?!?!)

Anyway part of the challenge was to use three photos, three different pattern papers and the number 3 on it somewhere! The photos just kinda tell the whole story about the lowercase one during the christmas photo shoot last year! She loved it, she loved it, okay mum are we done yet?

And here is another created last weekend, once again for a challenge, this time the challenge was to pick three numbers between 1 and 10, well my number choices left me with cork, paint and the quote you see. All I was able to use otherwise to create a page that didn't look like a brand newbie scrapper had created it was cardstock, pen or the computer (for journalling or titling).
This is the result.

Will try and share more here really soon! But I am being forced to flip over to the new blogger! Here I thought my luck would hold and I would get to stay on the old blogger for a while yet! I have heard that the new one even out of beta is still plagued with problems! Uhhh just what I need! Hopefully it won't be too painful, but if you hear any sudden hollering and wailing coming from here you know what the problem is!


Blogger scrapgeek said...

Great pages - nice to see you back :)

9:28 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

I've been on the new blogger for a while now and have had no problems. I like your pages too!

7:38 PM  

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