Monday, November 27, 2006

Okay I have been a slacker again

but in my defense I have to say I have been rather busy here this weekend.

I got some jobs finished up and only have one more lot of photos to edit before sending them off to be printed. So that will be this mornings job after I take Anya to school for the day and Dannielle to kindy for the morning. And I really do have to remember to take the toy library toys back!

Uhhh that was meant to be a Saturday job but it just didn't happen. Anya had a wee school friend come to play and I got to sit and chat with her Mama and not do anything much which is fantastic, since as you know I am usually juggling at least half a dozen things at the same time. Then Saturday afternoon my dear friend Justine looked after the girls while I had to go to a course so that I am able to tutor next year at the local college. Mostly it was just getting boxes ticked off for the govt who fund adult education in this country. Thats done now so won't have to worry about it for a while again.

Looking forward to tutoring next year, hopefully we get plenty of people signing up for my classes which I will be taking here at the local college and with luck in Ashburton.

I want to check out the possibility of taking a photography class at the summer school program at the University of Canterbury as well. I have been told they are really rather good and if it will help improve my photography well all the better.

Speaking of photos I whipped up a digi layout yesterday using the same template and colours I used for the one of Dannielle below, this time with Anya as the focus. I love this kit that I used, its sooooo versatile and I was thrilled to get it at $2 (US) while it was part of the final round of the Scrap Artist Designer Apprentice competitions, thankfully for all those who didn't get it then they can now purchase it. I swear you will not be sorry you did, this kit is just sooooo versatile!

The doodle on the page is by the amazing Dawn Moore, I am thrilled to call her friend and she has been so wonderful helping me sort this whole digi thing out! Without her I wouldn't be creating the templates etc. Thanks Dawn for your amazing help.

Oh and I just found the photos I took after Dannielles trip to the hairdresser to rectify her crazy haircutter moment. Uhhh I knew I had taken them but obviously when I took them off the memory card I had added them into the wrong folder! Duh on me, well anyways I found them again yesterday and here is a shot of her new haircut! NOT much changed thankfully but it is considerably shorter than it was and slightly thinner (they layered the sides of her bob) on the sides so that she could keep her style. Very lucky girl, and hopefully she has learned her lesson!

Once again, if you click on the images you can see a bigger version of them.


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