Sunday, November 05, 2006

Camera Club trip

I got to spend the better part of the day yesterday away with the camera club up at Castle Hill. Talk about amazing! And getting to spend a decent length of time there just dithering, as a young Scots visitor to the same area yesterday put it. And so beautifully too with his lilting accent. It truly is a perfect place to dither!

Okay so I do not consider myself a landscape photographer, in fact I struggle with the whole thing. But after some advice from a very talented fellow photographer I was able to get some shots that I was mostly happy with. His one, two or three cigarette theory worked. If you want to know more about this theory then you will have to ask.

Anyway here are some of the small picture results. Still didn't quite get the big picture landscapes, another day perhaps.
You will want to click on the photos to bring them up a little more to get a decent look at them.

A matagouri tree in the shadow of one of the huge boulders found at Castle Hill.

"Seed head" this is growing in the lee of a huge! boulder. Do you think I got a photo of the boulder that I like?

"Mother and child". This wee pebble (about the size of a womans closed hand) was simply resting up against this much much larger boulder, for some reason it caught my eye and my imagination.


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Wonderful photos!!

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