Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 21

and today is a special day in that it's my Mum's birthday... so even though I nearly fluffed up a couple of times and created a page with this photo before I managed to NOT stuff up completely and expose her present before she actually opened it! And since she has been following my journey with the 25 days well I wouldn't have wanted to spoil the surprise like... so yeah Go me...

Very happy to announce that she loved it... loved the fact I made it for her... that the green beads match her new lazy girl chair and from all accounts is really rather comfortable to use... so yeah go me again!

Happy Birthday Mum... Love you big time...

Have had a couple of nights filled with sleepovers... Anya had a friend over last night and now its Dannielle's turn... okay so there has been a little bit of late night (well for them anyway) chatter but now thankfully all is quiet... well except for the racket the cat is making outside...



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