Thursday, December 08, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day six

Well yesterday seemed to be one of those days that is sent to try your patience and then... then if you are really really really lucky it really tosses something nasty at you...

mine yesterday was a hugely swollen left hand ring finger... the whole lower joint was swollen so badly it wasn't funny... bigger than it had gotten the four days previously and after much muttering every single time I hit said finger I decided to haul my tootie to the Dr's to be told what I already knew, given the script for antibiotics and then charged $40 for the pleasure! And that's not including the script that I may yet have to go back and get a repeat for...

Apparently you should if you wear gloves (think gardening, dishwashing etc) change them regularly... I mean I thought I was doing the right thing and preventing dirt born bugs from getting at me... apparently gloves harbour even nastier germies... and considering gardening is NOT one of my all time favourite things to do... do you see how it might make me think again about gardening...

and I have to say between the infection and the antibiotic given to get rid of it I feel like I have been sucker punched... do okay... get a few things done and then wham... and have to drag my sorry butt off for a Nana Nap! Darn it all I am NOT a Nana!!!!! Well not just yet anyways!

I did get this page done though... just one of those wham moments happened and I didn't get round to posting it yesterday...

I'm loving the photos... might just have to get them printed off and framed up...

Sahlin Studio

Paper – Brown Paper Pack

Tape – Washi Tape

cherpea designs

White Paper – My christmas (retired)

Lisa Sisneros

Number Stamp – Cracked2 alpha

Font – Saint Nicholas


Branch, paper snowflake, hanging bell – Falala (retired)

Red paper - Wondrous


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