Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oh botheration

I am a terribly bad sister in law!!!! Reason I say this is that it was Sonia's birthday on the 4th and while I remembered weeks out... then again about 10 days out do you think I remembered to do anything about it??? NO... Drat it... and I forgot to post on the day ...

So Sonia wishing you a very happy if somewhat belated birthday... I hope you can forgive me for my total slackness!

As you know Chris has been working shifts again for a bit... hopefully that is coming to an end now with only the odd extra day shift here and there to fit in... and of course since its getting warmer here the school activities are ramping up again! School sports day Tuesday... great day weather wise and the girls had a blast... didn't place but sure had fun playing along...

Now you would think after putting not one but TWO grab bags up in the store I would take it easy this week... mmmm yeah right! I have a couple of new products up in the store... and on sale right now...

If you want to get your personalised Christmas cards done in record time this year... try these on for size... slip a photo in behind the opening... print and stick to some card... all done and dusted ready to get written in and posted! (Image is linked)

And for personal or commercial use... an ornament template... I have been having fun making these up with the girls for their Christmas trees... do you want to make some for your own?
(Image is linked)

And don't forget the Grab Bags are only available till end of day on the 7th... go to the previous post if you want to see whats tucked up inside them... they are going up into the store at regular price on the 8th!

And for all my digi scrapping friends... Happy Digi Scrapping Day...

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