Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There really isn't anything nicer

than the sound of rain falling on an iron roof at the end of the day... a day filled with sunshine

and yeah okay lots of washing being done and hung out... and got dry and already folded and away... a vegie garden weeded and seeing the amazing growth that has occured in the last few days since the d girl and I planted some of the seedlings out...

having an unexpectedly free night... instead of the meeting that was meant to fill it... now I have some glorious free time... with luck I can use some of it to download the photos off of my new camera... yeah I finally got the adaptor and charged those batteries... and yes I do mean batteries plural... my darling husband was nice enough to get me a spare battery and a high speed 8 gig card! Yay him!!!! He knows for a photographer there is nothing worse than running out of battery life at the most inopportune moment... or running out of space on your card... mind I did win two high speed 2 gig cards with my first in photography at the show so that shouldn't be too much of an issue... I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of this week sees a huge celebration at and seriously if you are a digi scrapper you would be seriously kickin yourself if you didn't go and nab some of the bargains that will appear come Friday... seriously rockin grab bags at just US$3 a piece and yeah I have a couple in there too... one Personal Use with some kickin Christmas helpers... and a Commercial Use bag too that I am really rather proud of...
Now having seen sneaky peeks of them all... I tell ya... there is something for everyone... and I somehow think I will be parting with some dosh come Friday... and probably more than just a little bit of it too... mmm is it too late to call it a birthday pressie to myself?

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Blogger Tammy said...

Glad you got your camera adapter and all is well. Sounds like a glorious day you had. Looking forward to the digi surprises!

8:11 AM  

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