Friday, October 16, 2009

So what's up with the weather like?

Seriously this chopping and changing of seasons each day is starting to wear more than a little thin! Yesterday totally glorious... well until the howling nor wester picked up in the afternoon... mind it was still a warm wind so that wasn't so bad...
the day before that however we had our winter woolies out again... Mrs Pea was a Frozen Pea!

But at least it was lovely for Dannielles birthday... yayyyyyyyy! my baby girl is 7!!!! like when did that happen? ooh and talk about royally spoilt! she now has some brand new my little ponies and littlest pet shops to play with... some bling from a very clever nana and grandad and aunty sonia who also sent her a totally brilliant jacket and jammies to go with it!

Everyone sure does know our baby girlie... and Sunday... she gets to get all dolled up and have a posh type afternoon tea party with four of her friends... certainly much easier for me than the sleep over she was hoping for!

And what do you see on our brand new 7 year olds photo? A bigger gappy tooth smile! It had been holding on since before we went to Italy... we expected to come home to find it missing! NOT a chance it hung on till last weekend! And check out that coolio cake! The girl loves sponge type cakes and icing (cream) with strawberries... I was too late here and she had already pulled out the sparkler candles! And boy did it take some blowing on her part to get them to go out!
And see even I can take crappy shots... dark over her face... horrible shadowning behind her (read finger in the way of the on camera flash, should have got the big flash out and not been lazy!)

And in store news check out my new releases for this week... I love it when things just come to me like these did... and now they are new on the shelf for your shopping and scrapping pleasure... images are linked

and while you are there check out a couple of combo packs I added to the store during the week! Stunningly good prices... don't wait too long though the half off sale may disappear at any time! Once again the images are linked straight to the store go grab them at a great price while you can...

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Blogger Tammy said...

Aaww - she is getting so big! Lovely cake and cute smile ;)We are having the same weird weather only in reverse. NOT looking forward to winter - unless it is mild.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to Dannielle, most impressed with the cake Mrs P! lucky it didn't freeze :)

8:32 PM  

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