Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The big girl is 2190 days old

Today is my big girls birthday, and as the title suggests she is a whole two thousand one hundred and ninety days old otherwise known as 6!

Here are a few photos from this morning. Some of her presents, Nana and Grandad Bus gave her that coolio basket for her bike.
Guess who has to wheel her bike to school later so she can ride it home! The barbie horse she got from us (along with some other bits) will be taking pride of place in the basket along with Glee one of Barbies friends from her new movie. Which was also in her stash of goodies this morning, and will no doubt be watched as soon as she gets home from school this afternoon.

Anya and her horse outside her classroom.

The mighty steed who incidentally has two heads, each with different coloured manes.
Have to remind the girl that typically horses heads do not come off like that, and tails normally can not be removed from horses bottoms quite as easily as this one does!
and the beautiful basket which will later carry the mighty steed home in, who will after all have spent the whole day at school and will no doubt be tired out!

And of course there will be dinner out with Nana Pea later tonight. Its a double whammy celebration tonight as Nana Pea also celebrates her birthday today too!

Happy Birthday Anya and Mum P


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