Friday, November 11, 2011

A whole lot can happen in a very short time

This past few weeks proves it...

the girls met their Great Aunty Karen for the first time recently... she lives in England with her Husband Tony... but was out here seeing her Mum and Dad.
They were both very ill and have since died with in a very short time of each other... and yes that made them my darling girls Great Grandparents... I have to say my girls were very lucky to have three great grandparents still living...

Leaving you with some pages created recently... the first is of myself, my girls and Karen... I am so very grateful to have this photo.

the following three are of Great Nana Peacock... I never even knew these photos existed until recently... the shame is I have little or no information regarding them... so have made sure what I do know has been recorded...

Rest in Peace
Leonard Allan Peacock & Hazel Joyce (Barber) Peacock


Blogger Jenny said...

Glad your girls met a "new" family memeber and nice scrapping ... as always!

4:48 PM  

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