Sunday, June 26, 2011

Power drills and winter coats

Yeah I know a really strange title for this post hey?

But I came to the conclusion that sometimes a girl just needs to go get herself some power tools and this weekend was apparently it... and thankfully a very helpful chap at Bunnings was there to help me... He asked me a whole pile of questions and then suggested one and helped me find the bits I needed for it too... even showed me how to use the thing properly... super helpful!

So there it is the start to my very own power tool collection...

And since winter is here and its not been all that warm and certainly not all that dry... I decided I needed a winter coat and thankfully Ezybuy is having a huge sale... I managed to pick up a gorgeous woolen coat that I actually like for half off... gotta love the early sales as a result of all this flamin' shaking we have been enduring...

And just to add some pretties here... some semi recent pages of mine...


Blogger Gabi said...

Way to go with power tools, Cheryl! I'm woman in action as well ;)
Hope your winter will be mild one. Stay warm!

4:13 AM  

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