Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I have remembered why I like

scrapbooking... and while scrapbooking is great fun to do... actually getting out with your family and creating havoc um hold on that should be memories is what its all about...

We took the weekend off... no plans... other than picking up the new car on Saturday... no rushing around trying to get somewhere at a certain time and you know what? It was fantastic! Puttered around Friday doing nothing much of anything... having said that Chris got a whole lot done on his "bucket" race bike... its been in bits in the garage for some time now... but a beautiful sunny day called for some painting to be done... spray painting that is... the frame is now back looking not battered and scratched... Chris and the girls went out for a wee bit and came back muttering about all the traffic on SH1 trying to head south for the weekend...

In contrast when we went south to Timaru on Saturday the traffic was only slightly more than what you would normally get on the same stretch of road... Chris had bought another car off Trade Me... this time it was in Timaru... (at least it was the same island!) We are now a TWO Peugeot family! He liked driving mine so much that he just had to get one for himself for his winter car... its a couple of years older than mine... and needed some TLC but there was Sunday to get that done wasn't there! Even if it was a rather dreary day here... new radio installed in a matter of minutes was a score on Chris' part...

While we were in Timaru we took the girls to the Aigantighe gallery... its got an amazing sculpture garden... along with the art in the gallery itself... and a huge bonus for parents... they cater to children as well! I mean can you imagine taking a young child to an art gallery that has dress ups... including some costumes that are "replicas" of some of the art themselves and that the kids are allowed... encouraged even to dress up in them and wander around the gallery in them! SCORE big time for forward thinking curators!
Check out the pages I made of some of the costumes the girls tried on... you were allowed to photograph them in the foyer... obviously NOT in the gallery itself...
Miss A
Miss D

Now do you remember me telling you oh I don't know how long ago now that the girlies had got their ears pierced? Well I have finally got around to getting a page done for each of them about the momentous event...

Miss A

Miss D

and there you have it four of the nine... yes I said NINE pages I did over this four day long weekend... NOT one of them took more than an hour and I LOVE THEM! No huge reinventing of the wheel... clean and simple just how I like it... and I still had tonnes of time to "play" with my family... even squirting my hubby as well as the dog we are baby sitting for going nuts inside the house! both looked very surprised to have that happen!


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