Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Camp came... it happened... its over!

and we survived though just barely... who knew kids who had two huge long walks in one day... lots of activities to keep them on the go... lots of food... and then a game of spotlight in the dark would still be awake at 11pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

The adults were fading far faster than the kids were but finally at 11 they were all told to be quiet, lay down and go to sleep!!!!!!!

And then who knew the little darlings would be up again and wanting food by 7 am... so much for an 8.30 am breakfast time... just as well I had sneaked into the kitchen a little earlier and started things off...

Had some seriously good dad helpers at camp too... and yeah while what happens at camp stays at camp... I have to say these dads knew how to work in a kitchen... AND could and would follow instructions... too the dads at camp and you know who you are I thank you... you all made my job a lot bit easier!

I have been scrapping too... just for me mostly... creating pages for books for our Italian trip last year... its been fun too... not having to keep track of absolutely everything... not having to post them everywhere... just doing it for me and for fun...

I got a couple of the books back the other day from Arts Cow and seriously thrilled with them... Some family books too... so you could definitely colour me happy...
I will share a couple of pages with you... but no credits... no links... no nothing like that... mostly done with my designs... using other designers CU goodies and even some CU stuff of mine... so good to play with my own designs freely... it really does make me happy...

First up the Duomo in Milan
Venice summer storm
and an Ape in Sauvignone

Can you tell I have been loving playing with whites and neutrals for backgrounds???? can ya? I am seriously going to have to try and play with some colours again soon... or maybe even patterned papers! shock horror even!!!!


Blogger Tammy said...

Cheryl - your photos are so beautiful and the neutrals really make them stand out. Love your designs. Glad you survived camp ;)

3:35 AM  

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