Friday, August 21, 2009

Live from Sauvignone

Hello from Sauvignone

We have a lovely room here in the Palazzo Fieschi, (600 years old) with lots of lovely antique furniture… the lappie looks a little out of place on top of the old desk it’s resting on… the mirror on the dresser is so old it has that blurry look to it… not quite so in your face as the new one in the bathroom… and naturally there is the typical Italian tile floor… this time in a checker board pattern to make it a little different from all the others we have encountered so far.

Today started really rather leisurely… our final morning at San Miniato… breakfast, pack up and then on the road to Pisa… I mean you couldn’t come all the way to Italy without stopping to see it… it’s kinda shorthand for Italy… so yes we saw the Leaning Tower in all its glory and no we didn’t fall into the typical tourist trap of trying to hold it up in a photo…

the tower is in the field of miracles and it kinda looked a bit smaller than I imagined it would be… naturally where there are tourists there are the hawkers and beggers… annoying really but heaven help the hawker that got in my way today… too flaming hot to put up with any of that nonsense thank you very flaming much!

The tower really is quite impressive sitting there on its wonky lean… and there are more than a few walls in the town that are replicating its lean… maybe not quite to that extent but still on a pretty good lean!

And after leaving Pisa and seemingly about to be taken through every single little small town there was between Pisa and Genoa we finally had enough and ended up on a toll road that cut an hour and a half to two hours off our trip… the road was dotted with tunnels and yes I played with the camera getting light trails in them when I could… 100kms worth of toll road for a total of Euro 10.80, trust me cheap at twice the price and instead of arriving here at the hotel late evening we got here early(ish) afternoon!!!!!!! Gotta love that! Just in time for the 5 minute storm that hit here… thunder a few minutes of rain and that was it back to hot hot hot!

We are having a kick back day tomorrow we both need a break… great place to do it… its got an awesome garden out the back of the hotel with lots of lovely big old trees in… the perfect place to kick back and unwind me thinks…



Blogger Whimsical Woman said...

Keep up with the great posting - I love to live vicariously!!
(Still envious by the way.)

8:59 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Love your way with words! And totally agree on the leaning tower being way smaller to this kiwi gal too than expected, mind you the same applies to Stonehenge. Total disappointment almost felt as if you could put it in your pocket!

10:00 AM  

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