Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We have been here a week now! with 9 days to go...

with temps in the very high 30s to low 40s each and every day you could say we are having a hot introduction to Italy... where we are here in Tuscany at the moment it has apparently been this way since late May with no hint of giving up its grip on the poor burnt country side...

so you can imagine our delight to wake up to see fog rolling in over the village of San Miniato

doesn't it look so welcoming?

this is the view we have been used to so seeing the fog was just brilliant!

but never the less the heat fairly quickly burnt off the fog so our trip to San Gimignano ended up being in 40 something degree heat... finding shade becomes the most important thing that and finding a gelati shop... even with all the gelati we have been eating I am still losing weight! that has got to be good! I swear Limone gelati is the one thing I will seriously miss about Italy... if anyone knows a good recipe for gelati let me know cause I am going to have to give it a whirl! The gelati I have had in NZ really isn't the same at all!


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