Sunday, September 21, 2008

did you know? ...

that stabbing yourself repeatedly on the same two fingers with a felting needle really really hurts! so any typos in this post can be blamed on not only me not seeing them and going back and fixing them in time but on the fact that my left thumb and first finger are so dang pock marked with felting needle holes its not funny!
Why you ask, well you will just have to come back soon to see the finished result... not quite done yet so need to finish that off... after I buy a couple of... you know those thingies that you stick on your fingers to protect them when you are sewing... what do you call them????

Now I have had a few secrets hidden up my sleeves for the last few weeks! I swear it was getting rather full up there! I had the strangest lumps and bumps in my shirts because of it...

First up, Chris got promoted!!!!! yayyyyy for him! His new title is Engergy Centre Technologist (think manager) He still works 4 day shifts doing the whole 12 hour day things but good thing is there are no night shifts and he gets 3 days off each and every single week! Fri-Sat-Sun watch out cause here we come... though having said that the last couple of weeks he has only had two days off in total, finishing off his old job and starting his new one...

And I got asked a few weeks back now along with a few other uberly talented scrappers if I wanted to join the Creative Team at TheDigiChick!!!!!!! I did kinda wonder for a bit if it was all a dream or a really really big mistake ... me? you really want me to join the team?
Like I would have said no!?!?!?!? Hah I don't think so ... so now they are stuck with me!!! and there is a sweet little party and SALE going on there right now... go on go and check it out!!!!!

So go check it out!!!!! Right Here

thimbles thats the word I was looking for before! Thimbles gotta get me some really soon!
And I have been scrapping furiously and not being able to share anything with you all, couldn't share the TDC pages cause you would have all figured out my secret really easily either that or thought I had won the lottery and hadn't told anyone!
And Tara Dunstan well she is one of the new designers over at and was releasing a whole passel full of gorgeous designs onto the unsuspecting public so I was scrapping with that too and couldn't share a single one!
And then Miss Sharon [ksharonkdesigns] goes and releases an extra specially coolio grab bag and I get to scrap some more... its been all unpacked now so if you wanna go check that out too go check out
Oh and the Ellesmere show is on in a months time so I was frantically sorting stuff out for that, and helping the girls decide on what school classes they want to enter... done and the entry form handed in on Friday!
I do have one more little secret to keep but you are all going to have to wait another couple of weeks for that little one! So ya all come back here soon...


Blogger Tammy said...

Congrats on your hubbies promotion and your new DT gig! Felting huh? Can't wait to see what all you have been up to :)

BTW - were you ever able to log back into my blog?

12:59 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

BTW - I tagged you. You can find the rules on my blog.

12:56 PM  

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