Friday, August 01, 2008

Okay so time is obviously getting away on me this year!

I really am at a loss as to where all the time is going though! And naturally I always have the best of intentions of getting back here and blogging a little more regular like ... but then something else comes up and before I know it the day goes and I still haven't blogged...

Uh we have been having some darn awful weather the last few days! Seriously had more than enough of all the dratted rain ... puddles in our lawn big enough to call duck swimming pools! And in places its never puddled before too!

Two weeks back into the third term, after a nice couple of weeks away in the north island, well me and the girls that is, Chris, having just started a new job couldn't get away... A week with Mum and Dad, and then a week travelling back down the island before heading home, and in fairly good weather too... though this past week has more than made up for the good weather we had during the holidays!

I do have more than a few pages to share with you though, and as you know normally I add credits to each page, but since I have so many to share I will add a link to my gallery at ScrapArtist and if you want to get more details on any of the pages go there to find it ...

First up - Mum

The girls at Auckland Zoo

Anya in a new fairy dancer dress from England, my giggly girl...

Dannielle up at Mums ...



You can find credits for all these pages here in my gallery at ScrapArtist


Blogger Tammy said...

You are awesome! The photography of your girls is amazing!

I don't want to hear aobut all of that bad weather because winter is now just around the corner for us. :(

2:19 AM  
Blogger GinniG said...

I heard you guys were having some nasty weather! Stay safe and dry!

Your LOs as ever are STUNNING!!! And the girls get cuter and prettier every time I see your lovely pictures of them!

3:37 PM  

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