Monday, August 20, 2007

Random mutterings

I have to share this, its a page for the D girls book, photos are taken one year apart! Scary huh, just how grown up she has got all of a sudden!

Credits can be found here

Credits for this page right here

And here is one for Miss A's book, doesn't she just look so grown up, and notice I even did the good Mama thing and put some curlies in her otherwise perfectly straight hair! Now that has got to nail me the good Mama award surely!

credits here

and last but by no means least in this image heavy post ... remember the other day when I said I was cleaning and I couldn't stop? Well even that ended up on a page! Tee hee.

And here it is for all the world to see and giggle over!

credits here


Blogger Cori said...

It's amazing how much older her eyes look from the year difference! Great digi pages!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

This blog needs updating! :-) My older one is 13 - eek where did the time go?

11:34 AM  

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