Thursday, June 17, 2010

New releases, sick kiddo and a chance to win...

Oooooh its been cold! down to minus 3 this am... not much more than that now at 11 am in the morning!

Means bugs are floating round the school again too... currently have the big girl at home from school.. battling a cold... sore joints as well... mostly just tired... we still have two weeks left of school yet too! Whom ever it was at the Ministry of Education that thought hey why not have an 11 week term in the middle of winter obviously doesn't have children! Talk about idiocy! But enough of that rant... I could go on for hours about it!

I have some new releases again this week... took the week off last week... needed some time to myself... as you do to recharge the batteries etc... turned into a very inspiring week... some forward thinking going on there too... a little somethin something coming up soon at Two Little Pixels...

But for this week I have some more gorgeous background papers... in gorgeous greens and browns... and two different styles too... one clean and simple with not even a hint of grunge and the other just a little bit worn and tatty... bonus for you too is that if you buy them together you save $$$$... and hey who doesn't like that?

Click on the images to be taken to the store...

In Behind 3

In Behind 3 - tatty

In Behind 3 - combo

and I mentioned that there was a chance to win... there is...
everyone who purchases something... ANYTHING (including CU) from my store this month ...
goes in the draw to win a $5 gift certificate so you can go shopping again... this time on me!

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Blogger Jenny said...

I agree about the loooong term .... and next year there are three eleven week terms!

7:39 PM  

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