Friday, July 17, 2009

So where did the week go?

Its the last week of the school holidays here... and what a flat out week its been... you know how some days or weeks just seem to go by without you even realising it well thats what its been like here this week...

The girls had a sleep over at Nana and Bryans Saturday night... so Chris and I went out for dinner (Indian) at Corianders in Rolleston... oooh talk about yummy... if you love Indian food and are anywhere near Rolleston you really do need to try it out... mmmmm yummy...

Have had to organise travel insurance, and foreign exchange this week... should have been a simple maybe half hour job... drat it all it didn't turn out that way... its kinda dragged on a lot which is not great but oh well never the mind... its done now... well mostly!

And we took the girls to Orana Wildlife Park on Tuesday... we have a park pass which means that we can go whenever we want till June next year... well worth the financial outlay to start... we have certainly got our moneys worth and its only July! And the girls love the animals... they have the new baby cheetahs on display now... oh they are so precious... and the baby giraffe (just over a year old now) but we have even seen the difference in its size in the times we have gone to the park... and BOTH girls fed the Giraffes this time... they have set hand feeding times and it is one of Anya's favourite things to do... Dannielle has always been a little reluctant till now... but with Daddy holding onto her and holding her up it wasn't so scary for her this time and she was thrilled to have the giraffe eat from her hand.

So I have had a couple of pages picked out of the galleries recently to feature on the Gallery Standouts Blog... I have to tell you its always a thrill but even more so when its a page you create using your own goodies...

This one made it to the Standouts blog July 11
Uses one of my alphas and other coolio goodies from the amazingly talented Tracy Little
another kiwi girl shining brightly in the digi world

While this one made it July 15
now the story with the but_inz is that I created them espcially for this page
and now you can grab them too over here

but_inz (red) - image is linked

Flamin' Red Alpha - image linked

both are up in the store now... and will be 25% off for 24 hours (from 6pm Australian time) with all the other new releases this week at

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