Sunday, January 03, 2010

I am a really bad blogger...

Though in my defence it is the holiday season after all... the girls are home from school for another month yet... and I have been kinda keeping in touch with people through Facebook...

There is still so much to figure out there but ... hey its getting easier... somewhat...

I have been trying to get rid of clutter in our house too... D's room was first up for the treatment... heaps of crud removed from there and its now at last somewhat tidy... A's room is next and that is a huge job in itself... not quite as big as my office which is next on the list... though for that I think I might have to get some banana boxes and move things out so I can start with a fresh slate... NOTHING serious has been done in here since we moved in 7 years ago! I think perhaps its time... well to be truthful well past time...

But after finishing D's room yesterday I come and plonked myself down and got my first page of the year done! And its mostly with my designs so bigger yahooo for me! Sausan's font worked perfectly with the page...

cherpea designs @ two little pixels

Paper – Dreaming… in black and white

Alphas – Dreaming… in black and white, thinkPink, all over you, Bein’Green, It’s Kraft (black)

Flower, Staple, Stitching – Anya

Frame – Frames ‘n’ bits

Brackets – former freebie

Button – I love my girls

Font – Sloppy Ed by Sausan Designs


Blogger Amandac said...

That is a fabulous page Cheryl and I'm glad to see you managed to get away from the kid's rooms to finish it LOL

12:35 AM  

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