Tuesday, April 28, 2009


who would have thunk it? yeah I know not quite proper English like... but guess what....

I made it to ...

gallery standouts with a page using some of my own designs!!!!!!!!!!!! how cool is that?

well if you are me its pretty dang cool... and before you ask... here is the page that did it

and now that you have seen it you are bound to ask yourself ... why? why did she create this?
purely and simply it was a random thought that popped through my head... as things do in my head... that screamed and kicked its way out... as they quite often do...
this is what I used to create my page...
cherpea designs @ two little pixels
Paper – In Black

Ana Reis @ two little pixels
Alpha - Bits Alpha white

Lisa Whitney @ ScrapArtist
Alphas – Stamped Acrylic and Freestyle

Font – Love Letter TW
and as if that wasn't enough! this post right here is post number 200! and the first person to leave me a lovely comment will get a digi treat from me... a coolio little treat for sure...
ready, set, go!


Blogger Whimsical Woman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep up the good work and the excellent posting.

9:22 AM  

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